Software Group, Inc is a partner of choice for many leading enterprises, SME’s & technology challengers, who continuously innovate in new technology platforms & destruct industrial paradigm and bring greater flexibility to adopt new technological changes to users & clients in all the verticals of business domains.

Software Group, Inc is a Global IT and Business consulting organization, providing localized services for SME’s & leading technology challengers, who continuously innovate in new technology platforms & destruct industrial paradigm and bring greater flexibility to adopt new technological changes to users & clients in all the verticals of different business domains world-wide. Software Group Inc is a rapidly growing Service provider, which has speciality in areas like Enterprise Application Integration solutions (Encompasses of our SOA Practices, Custom Application Development, Product Outsourcing, Application Maintenance & consulting practices). We've broad outreach in Enterprise Data Services like BI, Bigdata, Data Visualization, Data warehousing & also, advancing in future technologies like Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. Our Innovation fires the imagination and deliver's result and intelligent Information Technology solutions, since our inception. In today's competitive environment, our organization's require real-time access to comprehensive, concise and relevant data & Software Group Inc delivers solutions that allow organization's to leverage their existing systems, integrate data and enables access to the information anytime, anywhere.

Our core strategies are built on three fundamental customer service objectives: Business innovation, Business optimization and Information Technology optimization & by focusing on these core areas, we help our valued customer's tackle with the most complex and challenging IT and business initiatives with a cost-effective ways and within a rapid turnaround time. This focus has also led to the establishment of unique, dedicated centres of excellence that are key to our thoughts of leadership and expertise across all areas. For our customers, this means we can deliver successful projects that concentrate on key IT goals and opportunities. Despite the global nature of our business, our commitment is always to deliver the greatest "Return on Investment" (RoI).

Advantages working with us

  • Reduce Cost of Business Operations.
  • Quality work without breaking the bank.
  • Hire employees either dedicatedly / hourly basis.
  • Globally Experienced Management Team.
  • Deep understanding of varied business domain.

What we’ll do for you

Bridging the Gap between Technology & Your Business

Our teams of experienced professionals are able to develop core services for every industry as per their necessity, which will fit each and every businesses requirement as per the future trends. And for leading those complex needs where software knowledge is not just enough. We will engage our best people who have experience in various industrial domains with years of working experience.

What Do We Believe

We believe that our product should speak for itself and should reflect our partner’s vision. For us creating profound user experience for our clients & rendering customer service in future enhancement & maintenance, we give comprehensive SDLC report & guidance in choosing the best technologies as per the need of our customers & make them understand. What technology innovation can bring to their table & make them understand, We are with our clients at all the stages of SDLC, whether it’s developing a dynamic enterprise solutions, advance technology, web design or a cutting edge mobile app solutions, we create it for making it future technology compatible.

Continuous Transformation:

Future software needs will be demanding more advancement in technologies & every day in, day out and demands & cost for maintaining more & more developers & technologists would be a serious problem for companies. So we can address these issues with our expertise & can help you address these changes by developing solutions in robotic process automation, blockchain, cloud services, & data-science. Even if you have an in-house development team and want them to focus on their core business, you can always take advice from us on how you can enhance your legacy system.

Our Specialization

  • Product Designing
  • Web Designing
  • Application Development
  • Technology Modernization
  • Internet Of Things
  • RPA Technology
  • Data science & Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Migration & Development

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